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Top 10 Perks of being a Zookeeper!

Everyone knows this is a DREAM job and there are thousands of people each day looking into this career. So what are the amazing perks of zookeeping?


10. Animals!! Omg, how cute. We get to work with animals every single day. Honestly, what could be better than that?


9. You get to live with your best friends! You absolutely won't be able to afford rent on your own. So why not shack up with a few buds!


8. Baby ANIMALS! So cute! They are like regular animals but smaller! Wow, I'd do anything for them.


7. You get to dedicate your whole life to the zoo! You definitely won't have time, emotional energy, or money to do anything except go to work! What a perfect career to pour your entire existence into!


6. Did I mention the animal part yet? They are honestly, rly cute.


5. You'll be an expert at debate! Half the people you meet will think you torture animals on a daily basis. Such a good time to put those debate skills to use! Why talk politics when you can just argue about Tiger King relentlessly?!


4. The animals are honestly, just so good. They do die though. Which is a total life lesson! Make that a positive, yessir! Talk about personal growth! The animals you dedicate your entire life to will one day perish and your employer will expect you to continue work as if nothing happened! Emotion is weakness people!


3. You'll be able to learn about yourself! Find your true self in therapy. You're going to need it.


2. Sometimes management will bring in a free pizza.


1. The all-time best perk of being a Zookeeper??? The ANIMALS of course. The animals that upper management use to emotionally manipulate you into working in a field that requires years of unpaid experience, a degree, and back-breaking manual labor for minimum wage! But, you guys, ANIMALS!!!

We know we probably missed a *few* of the awesome perks that come with zookeeping. Let us know what your favorite parts are! <3 F&F

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